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The experts of COMPONENTCHECK are the right partners when know-how in project management and consulting around the topic "metal" is required.

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Manufacturing Consulting. Demanding projects and tasks require special know-how in order to develop high-quality solutions.

Component analyses

With receipt of parts lists and CAD data of the components and assemblies to be examined, we form the basis for the component analysis. We discover potentials in your components, we analyze on criteria defined by you.

Selection of materials and manufacturing processes

With our know-how, we support you in determining the material and manufacturing process best suited to the workpiece.  As a result, you will receive a report as a feasibility study with the evaluation of the component.

Optimization of the component design

If the result of the feasibility study identifies a production technology for which a production-oriented design adaptation of the component must be carried out according to the defined criteria, our experts will be happy to accompany and support you in this process.

Portfolio analysis

We take a close look at your portfolio of components and assemblies. We analyze CAD data, material information as well as component dimensions and functions and provide you with a well-founded assessment through a report.


Market and technology analyses. With market and technology analyses, we make a valuable contribution to your decision-making process when selecting the appropriate manufacturing technologies and materials. Our analyses offer you an insight into future technology developments and new applications. The fast growing & modern additive manufacturing technologies offer high potentials and innovation advantages in combination with conventional manufacturing technologies. Our analyses already enable you to consider new developments in your component development.Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Consulting process. The assemblies and components are analyzed by us with regard to your criteria.



Selecting the materials for the manufacturing processes


Comparison & Selection

Comparison and selection of manufacturing processes in terms of: tooling costs, manufacturing costs, dimensional accuracy, surface finish, wall thickness, number of pieces, piece weight, dimensions, complexity and adaptability.


Results Report

The result of this step is provided to you as a report and discussed.

Product life cycle. Our team advises you throughout the entire product development process, which makes us unique. We accompany our customers both in the development of new parts as well as in the optimization of components with regard to your criteria.


From the initial project idea to the development project to the prototype. Our service already starts with the selection and production support of prototypes of initial samples and pilot series. With our long-standing contacts to potential, high-performance prototype manufacturers, we make it possible for you to have near-series prototypes available at short notice.

Serial production

Once you have your prototype in your hands, we continue to offer to find the right manufacturing service provider for the series production of this special product. Our, nationally and internationally excellent contacts enable you to make a good choice, especially because we know the specialists!

Parts on Demand

Parts on demand offers you advantages in spare parts supply from batch size 1. We identify the suitable manufacturing processes and alloys for your components. You then receive a report with the component analysis with regard to the selected technology and alloy. This not only saves time, but also cash.

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  • Aluminium

  • Zinc

  • Magnesium

  • Steel


Our strength is increased by a large number of competent manufacturing service providers, because we can make the know-how available to other customer groups on a technological level or work as an interface during product development.

  • Sand casting

  • Die casting

  • Investment casting

  • Permanent mold casting

  • Plaster casting

  • Forging

  • Powder injection molding

  • Machining process

  • Bending, Pressing & Punching

  • Additive manufacturing

Your benefit

Main applications

  • Medical Technology

  • Aerospace

  • Jewelry and watch industry

  • General mechanical and plant engineering

  • Automotive

  • Atex

  • Food industry

  • Lock and fitting systems

  • Special development

Added value

  • Independent advice from experts

  • Knowledge and innovation transfer in the life cycle

  • Knowledge transfer guarantee

  • Cross-plant coordination of component production

  • Interface function

  • Innovationstransfer

  • Qualification of new technologies

Ongoing projects


Potential analysis of the additive LMP manufacturing process for the production of prototypes and small series in the materials of 4008 (A356AlSi7Mg0.3) and 6061 (AlMgSiCu) in comparison with sand, permanent mold and plaster casting technologies.

Mode of operation: Molten material is applied dropwise to a substrate plate.


  • 4008(comparable A356 AlSi7Mg0,3)

  • 6061(AlMgSiCu)


  • Easy-to-use and safe process with low peripheral requirements

  • cost-effective feedstock

  • High throughput with moderate investment

  • Short lead time and simple platform expansion

  • high performance aluminum alloys possible

  • Density >99,8 %


  • Restrictions with 45° overhang

  • Surface roughness comparable with sand casting

  • Component geometry from 20 to 200mm edge length

  • Annual component demand from 1 to 1,000 pcs.


  • Zero and small series

  • Functional pattern

  • Fixtures & Holders

  • Spare parts supply

Study process for feasibility:

  • Selection of a suitable component

  • Component analysis

  • Component evaluation

  • Prototypes and analysis report

Target groups:

  • OEM manufacturer

  • Production service provider of sand, permanent mold and plaster casting processes

  • Prototype manufacturer

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About Us

The procurement of sophisticated solutions, project management & consulting in the fields of foundry technology, forming technology, stamping technology and machining technology require competence and comprehensive know-how. COMPONENTCHECK sees itself as a competent, technically experienced consulting service provider from components to complex assemblies as well as manufacturing technologies. From the very beginning of each project, the commercially and technically experienced employees ensure precise planning down to the last detail. COMPONENTCHECK cooperates nationally and internationally with specialists for the respective processes. Together with our customer, we select the partner for cooperation that optimally covers the respective requirements and needs.Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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